Latest Past Events

Harvest Moon Festival

Asian Community and Cultural Center 144 N 44th St. Suite A, Lincoln

Join us for a community celebration of Asian cultures with performances, activities, food, and fun for the whole family. The Harvest Moon festival celebrates the harvest and the season of fall, and its roots date back to the customs of the Zhou Dynasty (1046 - 256 BC). The Asian Community and Cultural Center expands this...

Karen American Festival

The Karen American Festival is coming fast. This will bring communities together. This festival comes with fundraising to support the KSN office so we can continue to help those who need our help. Check out the facebook event for all of the details! Event Type: Public

Streets Alive!

University Place Neighborhood

Streets Alive! is a movement festival celebrated in cities across America and the world that cordons off a section of a city to let people literally play in the streets. Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln brought the Streets Alive! concept to Lincoln starting in 2010 as an annual event. Streets Alive! is a FREE community festival that promotes active living...